When should I start planning for Retirement?

You can never start planning for your retirement too early… or too late. The most important thing is that you start! Even though it might be a while down the line, its important to think about, and to visualise the sort of lifestyle you’d like when you retire. Is it a similar lifestyle to what you have today? Does it involve a lot more travel and enjoying lifes pleasures?

Plan Ahead

Most of us don’t think about the potential drop in earnings we could have if we fail to prepare, or aren’t aware of what it might cost to fund our lifestyle. Some might be betting on an inheritance or another windfall, but what if that doesn’t materialise?

Could you achieve the lifestyle you picture for yourself in retirement on €12,912 per year?

Most Tax efficient thing you'll ever do

Saving into a Pension plan is probably one of the most tax efficient things you will ever be able to do, as you receive tax relief at your higher rate of tax. Putting something aside might not cost you as much as you might think! 

Did you know that saving €200 to your pension each month, might only cost you €120 after 40% tax relief is applied? That €80 difference is going into your pocket as opposed to revenue coffers.

36.2% of people who don’t have a pension put “never getting around to it” as the main reason for not saving to a pension.

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Retirement Planning


There are various different types of pension products available to suit various needs and circumstances – Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSAs) to Personal Retirement Bonds (PRBs) and Company Pensions for those looking to start saving.

For those nearing retirement you might be considering what to do with the pot you’ve already saved. Again, there are different options depending on your circumstance.

Whether you’re looking to start saving for retirement or looking to protect and spend what you have, we’ve love to hear your story and your goals and help you achieve the best lifestyle you can in retirement.

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Planning for the unexpected to ensure your family are financially comfortable is what we do.  The first step is a quick conversation to understand your circumstances and what you’d like for your family if something unexpected happened.

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