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We can offer a range of Pension solutions depending on your circumstances and needs. Pension contributions are tax deductible (within Revenue limits in certain circumstances) and are considered to be a very tax efficient way of planning for your retirement.


For employees, you can normally obtain relief at your highest rate of 40% plus relief on PRSI at 6% = total relief of 47%.


  • For SELF EMPLOYED, you can get relief on Income tax at up to 40%.
  • There are different types of schemes, the most common of which are: -
  • Company Pension plans (typically for Employees) (often referred to as occupational or executive schemes)
  • Directors and Owners Pension plans
  • Personal Pension plans (typically for the Self employed
  • P.R.S.A. (Personal Retirement Savings Accounts) - available to both Employees and Self employed
  • A.V.C.'s (Additional Voluntary Contributions)
  • Self Directed / Administered Schemes (typically Owner/ Director / Higher Income earner)


Company schemes normally provide better scope for funding than Personal Pension plans - which can provide considerable tax planning benefits if you own your own business


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