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Income Protection offers you financial security for you and your family if you are unfortunate enough to be out of work because of an illness, a disability, an injury or as a result of an accident.


This plan will provide you with an alternative source of income. This income is a weekly benefit payable after a deferred period of either 13, 26, or 52 weeks. The deferred period is the length of time between when the illness is first diagnosed and when you start receiving an income benefit.


  • Tax relief on premiums at your higher rate of tax
  • Maximum benefit is 75% of your salary less your social welfare benefit and/or any other income which you are in receipt of
  • No premiums due while claiming benefit
  • Choice of level or increasing benefit
  • Choice of guaranteed or reviewable premiums
  • This is possibly one of the best types of cover available. We all insure our homes, lives, cars, mortgages and personal items, but the majority forget or do not insure their income.


Should your income go, the likely hood is that so will everything else, so apply now to see how cheap it is to insure your income.


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